6 Truth Bombs About Your Flow Color And What It Means To Your Health

What color is your monthly flow? Did you know that knowing what your flow should look like might save you from very dangerous conditions? As it can  offer incredible insights as to what is going on hormonal inside your body

Your period is your bodies report card and if it is sounding an alarm that means it is trying to tell you something is wrong. Analyzing the color can help in showing you the general health of your flow and what improvements can be made.

What the color of your flow means?

1. Bright cranberry red: Having cranberry colored blood during your period means a healthy and “normal” period!  It’s also normal for the color to oxidize and turn brown towards the end of your flow as it is exposed to more air.

But it must be noted that what is normal for one person may not be the case for another. So, scheduling an appointment with a doctor regularly is a good idea especially if you are experiencing pain during your period.


2. Light pink: Pink-ish colored period blood may indicate low estrogen levels. Extreme exercise, extreme dieting and/or a nutrient deficiency could also be a reason for your menstrual blood to be light in color as they caused estrogen levels to drop. When I was exercising a ton, I had stopped ovulating and lost my period, which is really common.  And that really hurt my chances of conceiving. It may not seem like a big deal, but long-term low estrogen levels can increase your risk of osteoporosis, which is a condition that affects your bones, causing them to become weak and fragile as you grow old. So, if you have recently changed your workout or eating habits and have noticed light pink periods, you may want to reconsider your workouts and/or talk with your doctor.


3. Dark eggplant purple: Does your flow looks like dark eggplant purple and are you having heavy bleeding with clots? If yes, this may indicate high estrogen levels.It can also be associated with PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, ovarian cysts or fibroids. You may want to try my 28-day reset to help rid your body of  the excess estrogen.


4. Brownish maroon: If your period starts out brown and almost streaky on the first day, this may indicate that you have low progesterone, or it could be old oxidized blood from your previous cycle and your uterus didn’t clear it all out.  Vaginal steaming can help with clearing out the old blood from the uterus.

Brownish in color is normal at the end of your period. If you are having this color of flow in your early days you may experience cycles with high anxiety or depression, mood swings, stress, low sex drive and all PMS symptoms.

We all need more progesterone and I used to experience this before implementing all the things I talk about on this blog and in my book. It is not a quick fix and it takes real commitment, but it is possible to increase your progesterone levels naturally. Book a call with me HERE  if you want to find out more.


5. Grey Reddish: Grey or grey-reddish mix discharge may mean two things: if you’re not pregnant – it’s a signal for an STD/STI infection, but if you have missed at least one of your periods, it may mean an early miscarriage.

6. Orange: Orange color, just like a gray-red mix mey be a sign of vaginal infection or it’s blood mixed with cervical fluid. Make an appointment with your doctor.


Now you’ve seen what color your period blood says about your health. Perhaps, it’s time  for you to assess your period health and think if these colors are accompanied by symptoms that are making you dread your time of the month.

Check my other blog posts on period health and cycle optimizing to learn more about how you can make your period symptoms go away and help you to flow through your life effortlessly and will have you looking forward to aunt flows visit in no time.

Love and health,

Coach Kela

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