Why How You Eat Is Just as Important as What You Eat

Why How You Eat Is Just as Important as What You Eat…

Did you know that it takes your body 20 minutes to recognize that you are full. Digestive stress is about 25% WHAT you eat and 75% who you are being. Who are you being when you eat or when you are healing. Are you moving at warp speed? Constantly eating on the go? Multi-tasking during a meal? Engaging in gossip? These are all ways in which we activate the stress response.

Eating under stress is not only commonplace, it’s socially acceptable. Stress is the opposite of relaxation. When do we feel stressed? Usually when we are moving to fast.

If you are working toward a stronger metabolism but haven’t been able to achieve that OR you are eating all the right foods and exercising but still can’t seem to lose weight. YOU ARE PROBABLY MOVING TO FAST.

When you eat to fast, you destroy your metabolism and create digestive upset. This results in meals being eaten under a physiologic stress response which diminishes our calorie burning power.

You can eat the healthiest meal on the planet, but if you eat it in a stressed out anxious state, your digestion is dramatically diminished.

But don’t worry I have a solution… It’s called the 20 minute meal. Next time you eat set a timer for 20 minutes. Try to see how long your meal lasts. Most people eat in fewer than 5 minutes. Try to drag your meal out by 1 minute at a time until you can work up to a 20 minute meal.

You will eat less and burn more and this will jump start your weight loss and healing capabilities.

If you want to learn how the 20 minute meal can help you. Reach out to me to schedule a free consultation. Let me show you how a health coach is exactly what you need to reach your goals.

Love and health,

Coach Kela

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