How The Hormone P.U.Z.Z.L.E Method is helping thousands get pregnant

The Hormone P.U.Z.Z.L.E Method and How It Can Help You Conceive

Have you ever wanted something so bad you could taste it? Like your bones ached for it and you longed for it day in and day out? As if your life won’t be complete until you have what you want. I will never forget those long years my husband and I spent trying for a baby. We did what most people do. We met, fell in love and knew we wanted a family right away. Hell I have wanted to be a mom since I was a little girl playing with my baby dolls. We thought it would be so easy. I mean we are told our whole lives to be careful. Abstain from sex because you will get pregnant, don’t hold hands or kiss a boy, you might get pregnant. How naive was I to think it was that easy.

How The Hormone P.U.Z.Z.L.E Method is helping thousands get pregnant (1)

Once we got married we got to work (literally). Trying every day for our baby. Month after month came and went and still no baby. After about 6 months of trying, we finally came to the conclusion that we needed to get our doctor involved. We went to see my OBGYN and she ran a bunch of tests only to be told that we were fine and to keep trying. So a few more months went by and still no baby.

That is when we tried a local fertility center. There they prescribed Clomid (I know now a very harsh and WAY overprescribed fertility drug). Three rounds of that and still no baby. That is when they suggested I have my tubes blown out. (A procedure where they insert a tube into your cervix and blow die through to check for blocks. I know fun, right). Try, try, try some more. Still no baby. That is when the doctors recommended IUI. This was a procedure that was very expensive and not guaranteed. Why can’t I just get pregnant. It’s so easy right. That’s what they told me. What was wrong with me. I didn’t understand.

After many restless nights and lots of prayers, we decided enough was enough. We decided that we would have that baby and many. We decided to take my health into our own hands and that is exactly what we did.

I got really curious about my body. What foods were going to help put my body and my health into the optimal state for conception? How was exercise affecting my adrenals and hormones, how was the stress of this blocking my ability to conceive? How were these restless nights playing a role? How did all of this tie together and was preventing us from getting pregnant? Once I figured this out, I was able to conceive not once but twice. We now have two healthy baby boys who are 5 and 8 and our lives are complete.

That is the reason I got into this work and why I am so passionate about helping women and couples who are struggling with infertility and hormone imbalance. I do not want another woman to suffer the way I did. I want to help you reverse your infertility diagnosis and get pregnant naturally.

So why did I start my podcast- The Hormone P.U.Z.Z.L.E Podcast… When your heart tells you to do something, you listen.


This idea of having my own podcast has been brewing for a while and I couldn’t wait for it to come to fruition. During the show, I am going to be talking to some amazing experts in the fields of fertility, reproductive health, and pregnancy. Sharing my personal story of how I walked through the crazy valley of infertility and came out on the other size with two boys and a third baby (my business).

So what is the Hormone P.U.Z.Z.L.E Method and how can it help you?

This is a method I created when I was struggling with “unexplained infertility” for over 2 years.  Determined not to let this diagnosis define me and our ability to have the family we wanted I set out on a quest to get as holistically, fertile as possible, and the Hormone P.U.Z.Z.L.E Method was born (and so was my first son).  

So what is this method….

P– Proper, whole food nutrition, U– Understanding Supplements, Z– Zapping stress, Z-Zzzzz’s (sleep), L– Love/encouragement, E– Exercise/Environment. 

These are all the steps I took and the ones I want you to take to balance your hormones and boost your fertility naturally.  

P – Proper, whole food nutrition

Eat the magic plate. Eat the rainbow, Lots of antioxidants, fiber and lean protein. Check out the blog I wrote on the perfect fertility diet or my cycle optimizing meal plans.

Hormone Puzzle Podcast - Proper Nutrition
U – Understanding supplements

There are many supplements on the market that are meant to help you boost your fertility naturally or eliminate your symptoms of hormone imbalance but you have to be careful because if you take a supplement and it’s not what your body needs, you can actually do more harm than good. Check with your doctor or coach before beginning any supplement regimen and make sure the ones you are taking are what you need. Read here to learn which supplements might be right for you.

PCOS-Divas-Supplements for Hormone Balance
Z- Zapping stress

Stress is the seconding leading cause of fertility related issues. Your body will always take from other systems to make stress hormones. Especially cortisol and adrenaline and will stop all baby making hormones. Doing things to actively manage and eliminate stress will be key when trying to conceive and have a healthy cycle.

Zzzzzz’s (sleep)

During sleep your body is renewing, repairing, recovering, detoxing and more. Getting adequate sleep is essential when trying to balance hormones and create an optimal environment for a healthy baby. 

hormone puzzle podcast - woman sleeping

Love and Encouragement

The mental part of fertility is just as important as the physical part. Being in a loving and caring relationship with a spouse or partner and having a strong support system for encouragement and to hold your hand thought this difficult time is so very important and can actually make all the difference in whether of not your treatments will work or if you are able to be successful on the road to baby. 


Making sure you are exercising based on where you are in your cycle will either work for or against your hormones and allow your body to flow nicely with itself. That means saving the high intensity workouts for your follicular and ovulatory phases and switching to slow, gentle movements during your luteal and during your period. This will allow you to work with your body instead of push against it with will help to keep your hormones balanced and won’t jeopardize fertility.


Your environment is also extremely important when it comes to fertility and hormone health. Steering clear of pesticides, herbicides, BPA and other chemicals will help to protect your endocrine system and keep your hormones humming smoothly. 

As you can see the health of your cycle and your hormones play a vital role into whether or not you can get pregnant, stay pregnant and how many symptoms you experience through hormones each month. Having a healthy cycle and being as fertile as possible will increase your chances of getting and staying pregnant but will also boost your overall health and vitality.

The power is in your hands, you can do this mama, I got you! 

If you need help implementing any of these steps or if you want to see how your individual situation could be improved through booking an appointment with one of our coaches. Book a call here.

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Love and Health, 

Coach Kela 

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