Symptoms Are a Boundary Being Set by the Body

Symptoms Are a Boundary Being Set by the Body

STOP CONTRACTING! The mission you chose to move into was about expansion. Now embody it. Healing requires a hefty dose of unapologetic awareness; if you ask me, this is the hardest part for most people.

Symptoms Are a Boundary Being Set by the Body (2)

Written by Guest Blogger: Taylor Sappington, an Integrative Health Practitioner, IPE, Herbalist, Bs. Dietetics.

Most don’t want to take responsibility for..
• The foods they are eating that don’t serve them.
• The content they are consuming that creates stress.
• The people they continue to welcome into their lives regardless of how they feel in said peoples presence.
• The self speak that would cause most of us to blush if spoken aloud.
• The habits they are committed to simply because they have always done it this way and change feels too uncomfortable, scary, and big!

Excuse me while I pull out my (metaphorical) drum… I am going to drop a few beats for you.

� Life was meant to be and can be extraordinary
� we don’t keep things simple and our mind gets messy
� we end up making the life we are living so inordinately complicated completely unnecessarily
� we end up in a muddle when we ought to be having the time of our lives
� we choose short term pleasure over long term reward
� we are captivated by new and shiny things and are averse to the “boring” “unsexy” “repetitive” things that create consistency and actual results
� we grunt with grueling effort to get shit done at the expense of our mental, emotional, and physical health
� we say yes when we mean no
� we hang on to relationships that are toxic
� we turn a blind eye to environmental triggers and toxins because it’s easier to ignore them
� we perceive ignorance to be bliss
� we do the same thing over and over again and expect different results
� we hand over our power and complain about to
� we are taught to constantly seek outside sources of validation that keep us in repetitive patterns
� we place immense value on things that don’t provide a return on said investment
� in our darkest times we refuse to take responsibility for ANY OF IT which is easy because there is always a finger to point and someone or thing to point it at

I could keep going but I trust you see the picture I am painting

Change only comes when we see the opportunity being presented by the obstacle.

Healing starts when we recognize the above and work to set realistic goals in an effort to unlearn to create space for relearning.

If you are new to the personal evolution or have been doing personal development and healing work for some time I want to remind you that every time you set an (unrealistic) expectation and it’s not met it’s not an invitation to meltdown and freak out.

It’s an invitation to GET CURIOUS, LEAN IN, and LEARN a new thing or two about your personal capacity and WHY you set said expectation.

Your body is not an iPhone.

To expect it to respond to change, growth, and expansion as one would a text message (ya know on demand) is insanity.
You are going to drive yourself nuts and sabotage yourself in the process.

EVERYTHING you did in your life UP TO THIS POINT either fed disease or starved it.

Stop expecting a lifetime of healing to happen overnight.

� You will get there
� One step at a time
� With one foot in front of the other

Guest Blogger,

Taylor Sappington

Taylor Sappington helps women like you demystify their body, get off the dieting hamster wheel, & take control of their personal health once and for all—so they can stop feeling like a stranger in their own skin and get back to showing up as themselves… only better all rooted in personal experience as a prior patient on the very same hamster wheels.

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