Optimal Fertility for Males

Optimal Fertility… for Males

Getting pregnant is not just a women’s responsibility. It takes two to tango and two to do the vertical tango. Men you are not off the hook when it comes to baby-making.

I see this all the time. A woman reaches out to me and says I am having trouble getting pregnant. I have tried this or that and nothing is working. Then I say what about your partner? Has he been tested? Is he ok? And she looks at me like I have three heads. Never even thinking that it might be the man’s fault.

Ladies, I am here to tell you. IT CAN DEFINITELY BE your man’s fault and the reason why you aren’t getting pregnant.

But the good news is that male fertility can be improved with the right hacks and that is what I help my clients learn and what I am going to teach you today.

Simple things that you can start doing today and you can put into your everyday life that will boost his fertility and they are so easy he won’t even realize you are doing them.

1. Proper/intentional nutrition.

How many of our men are still eating Taco Bell and Wendy’s for dinner? Ladies, it is time that you start cooking and cooking now. Feeding you mate proper nutrition that will boost his sperm quality, quantity and mobility are SUPER important. Some foods I recommend for optimal male fertility are.

  • Red meat – This is great for iron and CoQ10.
  • Oysters + pumpkin seeds – Both are very high in zinc, which may increase testosterone, sperm motility and sperm count.
  • Oranges – Oranges contain lots of vitamin C, and studies have proven it improves sperm motility, count and morphology. Other foods that contain vitamin C include: tomatoes, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cabbage.
  • Dark, leafy vegetables – The folate (also known as vitamin B) in spinach, romaine lettuce, Brussels sprouts, and asparagus can help produce strong, healthy sperm.
  • Dark chocolate – Dark chocolate contains arginine, an amino acid that can improve sperm count and quality overtime.
  • Salmon + sardines – The omega-3 fatty acids in fish and seafood—especially salmon, mackerel, tuna, herring, and sardines—helps improve quality and quantity of sperm.

2. Stress.

When your body is constantly in a stressed state, you start to make cortisol which is a poison to your body. When your body is in a constant stressed state it shuts down all processes including the signals that it is time to produce a baby. It shuts down digestion, brain function, your immune system is compromised and more. Living in a state of constant stress is the opposite of what you want to do to conceive a healthy baby. It also impacts sperms mobility, quantity, quality and makes it harder to fertilize the egg.

The other piece of this is that your body can’t determine what is perceived stress and what is actual stress so whether you are being chased by a lion or your boss is yelling at you or you are worried about not being able to conceive, it is all stress to your body

Define the major sources of stress in your life.

Make a point of quietly reflecting on what the stressors currently are in your life.

What can you change and delegate to make things easier and less stressful? And for the challenges that can’t be addressed immediately – where can you shift your perspective? Stress has an inflammatory effect on the body- a man who desires to conceive needs to proactively work on lowering his stress response in order to enhance his fertility.

Being happier and more relaxed, overall, boosts your fertility levels and your chance for conception.

3. Sleep.

Sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your body when trying to conceive. Men especially need adequate sleep so their bodies can recover, repair, and rejuvenate overnight.

During sleep, your body is in an optimal state for healing and creating life. Sleep is a powerful ally in helping to promote optimal fertility as it helps lower adrenal overactivity, balance fertility hormones, boost the immune system, increases stress-resilience and enhances overall health.

A few of my favorite tips for the most amazing sleep ever are:

  • Practice the regular rhythms of sleep — go to bed and wake up at the same time each day.
  • No TV in the bedroom
  • Create an aesthetic environment in your bedroom that encourages sleep by using serene and restful colors and eliminating clutter and distraction (Tip: avoid family photos in your bedroom decor for even more of a spa-like feel)
  • Create total darkness and quiet – consider using eyeshades and earplugs o Avoid caffeine or reduce it after noon — it may make sleep worse.

4. Booze Bust.

Reduces blood levels of testosterone and slows sperm production impairing their development and maturation. Alcohol also impacts libido, if you’re trying for a baby, best leave the alcohol alone.

5. Limit your caffeine consumption.

Even though moderate caffeine consumption has no negative influence on sperm count or quality most men don’t drink moderate amounts of caffeine. A reasonable amount would be 300 milligrams, or only about 2 cups. With multiple Starbucks runs and energy drink snacks most men are drinking WAY more than 300 ml. If your mate is drinking more than 2 cups of coffee or caffeine per day his sperm might be affected and you might not get pregnant.

6. Keep the boys cool.

Excessive heat can affect sperm production, regular hot tub or bath use has been linked to lowering sperm count. Hot Lap-top? Writing for hours on a lap-top that is directly on-your-lap, may be causing sperm damage. Use a barrier between the computer and your lap. Avoid extremely hot showers or hot tubs. Which can also affect sperm count.

7. Wearing briefs or tight pants.

Is your mate wearing really tight underwear or any clothing that hugs the scrotal sac to close to the body isn’t recommended. The reason testicles sit where they do on the body is because the ideal temperature for sperm production is a few degrees lower than the body temperature. When they are held to close to the body, the testicles can’t regulate temperature to allow for healthy sperm production. Making sure your partner is allowing the boys to breathe is key.

No matter where you are in your stage of infertility and trying for a baby, remember it’s not just the women’s responsibility to make sure her body is optimized for fertility but also the man’s job. Male infertility contributes to not having a baby just as much. The key is to make sure both parties are doing everything they can to optimize fertility and to get pregnant naturally.

Doing these simple hacks will get you there in no time.

In my coaching practice, I work with couples everyday who are trying to implement these new healthy habits into their lives and they just need a little help. If you are struggling with getting pregnant and you feel like you have tried everything, let’s talk. Email me to schedule a call today. Info@kelahealthcoach.com. I promise a baby is in your future.

Love and health,

Coach Kela

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