Number One Skill as a Fertility Coach (2)

Number One Skill as a Fertility Coach

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Number One Skill as a Fertility Coach

In this episode of the Hormone P.U.Z.Z.L.E Podcast, I talked about the number one skill you need to have as a fertility coach and there are actually many skills that you need to have. So I’m going to talk about a few different ones here today. These skills are things that you’re going to need to develop to nurture and to become good in order to have a successful coaching practice.

And if you’re thinking about either becoming a coach or you have a practice, but you’re trying to grow and scale. I developed a fertility coach certification course, which you can learn about on my website, Again, this course was built out of my own personal need and what I saw that was lacking in the industry.

And in this course, it’s 40 weeks and I go through all of the pieces of my hormone puzzle method and show you how that works to help your clients get pregnant, stay pregnant, and eliminate their symptoms of hormone imbalance. But then I go really deep into different pieces of the fertility and hormone puzzle. I talk about the science behind fertility. I talk about different fertility acronyms and their definitions. Fertility conditions, both western and eastern. Modalities, medical treatments, and male fertility. Then I go into all the business pieces. How do you start your own practice? How do you build it? How do you do social media? How do you start doing an ebook? How do you make a course? How do you start a podcast? And then I go into the personal aspects. How do you stay organized? How do you develop your skills? How do you, nurture yourself while you’re coaching? So all of this is wrapped up into 40 weeks in a wonderful certification course. 

So a couple of skills that I teach within that program is what we’re going to talk about today.

 The first skill that you need as a coach is to be organized.

There are so many moving pieces in owning your own business, especially owning your own coaching business. So you need to make sure that you are very organized with your time. You’re very organized with your content. You’re organized with how you manage your clients, especially as you get busier and busier. You need to stay on top of being organized or you’ll start to feel overwhelmed. You’ll start to feel like you can’t do it, like it’s too much.

So staying organized is probably one of the biggest skills that you can have as a fertility coach or as a coach in general. A couple of ways that I recommend you stay organized is one, you learn how to block schedule. And this means you look at your calendar and you say, I want to work these hours.

And so for me, I work 730am to 4pm Monday through Friday, those are my business hours. And so within that time frame, I block each hour of every day. And so I say, Monday from 8 to 9 I’m doing this, from 9 and so on. And so that way my day is very organized, so I know exactly what I need to complete each day.

Obviously, my client calls come first, so I have all of those mapped out on my schedule each week. Then next comes potential client calls and then podcast recordings, video recordings, social media posts. All of these things that I need to do in my business, I have it all blocked and mapped out on my calendar. I also make sure that I map out my self care. What is also on my calendar is my bi-weekly spin classes, when I go to the gym and lift weights, when I even walk my dog. Like, it’s all mapped out. It’s ready to go. It keeps me super organized and less overwhelmed because I know exactly what I’m supposed to be doing each day and each hour. And I know that… The things that I need to be getting done are getting done because it’s all organized in a really easy-to-follow fashion.

The other very important thing is to make sure you have strong boundaries as a coach.

And I know in the beginning, this can be hard. It’s really easy to want to take every client that comes your way.
And that’s okay in the beginning, but you have to have some boundaries in place. For me, that means I don’t coach in the evenings, I don’t coach on the weekends. Those are the times that I have reserved for my family, and I’m really strict with those boundaries. And so if a client wants to coach during those times, I as nicely as possible say that I don’t, just don’t have that time available.

I do have some junior coaches through my certification program who work under me. And so sometimes I’ll pass those clients to those people. But if you’re just getting started, you want to think about boundaries now. Because this will kind of guide you throughout your whole coaching business.

So be really careful with keeping those strong boundaries. There are so many moving parts within your coaching business. Having a strong schedule. Really being organized. Sticking to those boundaries, those are going to be really important as you grow and as you scale.

The next important skill that you need to have as a fertility coach is you want to learn how to develop your know, like, and trust factors.

And this is something that you’re going to need to have as clients get to know you, as potential clients get to know you. As you’re on social media, as you’re in your local community, when you’re doing talks or when you’re doing certain seminars, or you’re a guest on podcasts.

You want to make sure that you’re getting that know, like and trust factor established and you’re nurturing your potential leads. So a couple of things on how I’ve been able to do that is I try to give more than I received. I try to give a lot of free content, a lot of free information, free guidebooks, free recipes, free question-and-answer sessions with me.

I do a Facebook live and an Instagram live at least weekly. I want to make sure that I’m giving away a lot of free stuff because I want to help as many people as I possibly can. I think the last statistic that I saw was there are 43 million people in the world struggling with infertility. And so I want to help as many people as possible through my platform. And so I give away a lot of stuff for free. So I just want to make sure that my clients, my potential clients are nurtured. That they feel loved and that they’re helped by the information that I provide, whether they’re working with me individually or not.

So that’s one way that I nurture and, and that builds my know, like, and trust. People get to know me because they see me on a regular basis and they learn from me. Hopefully what I provide is helping them. And then. When they’re ready, if they’re ready to hire me, I hope that if they think of a fertility coach, I would hope they would think of me first.

The other thing is just showing that you care, you know, like, again, I give away so much for free. If somebody reaches out to me on social media and asks me a question, I try to reply pretty quickly. I try to always offer free calls. I just try to be there. I try to show that I’m there because I am there. I want people to know, like, and trust me. And so I find that the more I can build that relationship, the more my potential clients will want to work with me and I’ll want to work with them.

The other piece is to really believe in yourself and to have a strong, positive mindset.

I’m a big fan of the Law of Attraction. I’m a big fan of putting out into the universe what you want to happen and having it come to fruition. And so that includes as I’ve built my practice, I believe that I was put on this earth to do this.

I believe in God. And so no matter what you believe in. Most people believe in a higher power, whether it’s God or Buddha or Hindu or whatever it is. I believe in God and I believe God put me on this earth to do what I’m doing. And so I constantly put it out there that I want the people that need my help the most to find me and to come to me and to work with me. And I’ve done that throughout my whole business, my whole career in health and wellness for over 20 years. I’ve constantly put into the universe and prayed to God to please send me the clients that need my help the most. Please allow these people to find me and to have the means to work with me. And that’s what has happened. My practice has grown very quickly. My clients have seen amazing results and it’s all because I believe in them. I believe in myself and I put it out into the universe and to God that this is what I want to happen. And then it does. And I know that might sound a little woo-woo to some of you, but it is so very true. I’ve seen it work time and time again in my life, in my client’s lives, in my family’s life, and it works. So putting out into the universe, what you want, having a positive mindset, believing in yourself and what you can create in the world and how you can help others are some of the most amazing skills that I think you need to develop as a coach, a potential coach, or just a wonderful, well-rounded person in general.

So to go back, the main skills that you need to have as a fertility coach or as a potential coach are:

  1. Get really organized and practice block scheduling
  2. Make sure that you have strong boundaries in place
  3. Start to develop your know, like, and trust factor. Give more than you receive. Show that you care.
    Nurture your potential clients.
  4. Believe in yourself and have a positive mindset. Believe in the universe and the law of attraction. Know what you put out there will come back to you.

So those are my tips for having a very successful coaching business. So thank you guys for listening. I can’t wait to see you in the next episode.

If you’re curious, if the Fertility Coach certification is right for you, then please go to my website, and book a call with me. Read more about the certification course and let’s chat to see if this is your next best step. So thank you guys and I will see you in the next show. Bye.

This article, “Number One Skill as a Fertility Coach” was originally published as a podcast episode on the show, The Hormone P.U.Z.Z.L.E Podcast.

Hormone Puzzle Podcast - Number One Skill as a Fertility Coach

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