Fun and Easy Fertility Journey

How Can We Make Our Fertility Journey Easy and a Bit More Fun?

The fertility journey is a lot easier than you think. First, it takes realizing the power of CHOICE. We get to choose the narrative we want to play in our heads.

Fertility Journey

Written by Guest Blogger: Lisa White, OTR/L,  holistic IVF mentor, occupational therapist, intuitive healer, and author of the bestselling book, ‘Hold On, Baby!’

Fertility Journey: The Keys to finding joy on this ride

Oftentimes when we embark on the road of fertility treatments, we automatically think it has to be one of fear, struggle, & overwhelm. Sure, we’re entering into unknown territory, but that doesn’t mean we have to set ourselves up with the mindset that it has to be “hard.” Let go of the phrase, “The struggle is real.” Your path can be one of more ease, more joy, more magic, and more flow. 

In reflecting back on my own fertility journey and the start of IVF, I remember recognizing this power I have within. I could choose if I wanted to swim upstream or downstream. I could either let myself get caught up in the current taking anything that came my way and just react to things happening OR I could become an active participant on this path. I could harness what I could control – my energy, my thoughts, my mindset. Bringing the power back within is what I chose. I acknowledged that there was a lot out of my control, but I also remembered I could control how I reacted to things.

That’s one of the first keys to finding joy on this ride.

You can choose the mindset that everything is happening “to” you or you can look at it as everything happening “for you. I chose the latter.

Another key is stepping into the Feminine energy of this journey. There is a sense of ease when you trust you are being guided as you enter the unknown. By not trying to control every step of this process we free ourselves and create space to receive. I invite you to step into this space where we do less forcing and more allowing

There’s often a dominant feeling of Masculine energy while going through fertility treatments. With all the appointments, blood draws and ultrasounds, we often feel as if we’re a cow being herded in the mill. There’s so much to keep track of with timed medications and it often becomes very robotic. Sadly, we can easily get disconnected from who we are and often lose sight of the joy in our lives.

By bringing in more Feminine energy we are opening ourselves up to this magical space. We remember how good it feels to nurture our minds, bodies, and souls. We tap into the creative energy and remember the source of our inner light. 

Sometimes we forget we don’t need permission to play. I’m here to remind you that the choice to play is always available to us. It’s your birthright! Don’t let fertility struggles rob you of the joy that is around you. 

By living in a space of joy we emit a frequency that naturally creates more ease in our lives. We lighten the heaviness of this road and move forward feeling more in flow. 

Begin to embrace your fertility journey and watch the Magic unfold. 

What are you going to choose?

Guest blogger,

 Lisa White

Lisa White, OTR/L, is a holistic IVF mentor, occupational therapist, intuitive healer, and author of the bestselling book, ‘Hold On, Baby!’. She is the creator of the IVF Soul Align Method and guides women going through infertility challenges with her unique mind-body-spirit approach that led to her own success achieving motherhood through IVF with one healthy embryo. She lives near Denver, Colorado with her husband, Jason, and daughter, Olivia.

Grab her FREE IVF Guide here. If you’d like to learn more on ways to welcome in more ease and joy on your fertility path, I invite you to check out my book, ‘Hold On, Baby’ that dives deeper into these concepts.

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