How to Know if You Have a Fertile Body and What to Do if You Don’t…

So how do you know if you have a fertile body? There is an extremely intricate hormonal cascade at work in your body that is constantly working to not only regulate your menstrual cycle but also to prepare you for conception and pregnancy. If your hormones are out of balance for one reason or another it can cause a whole host of problems in your body from period problems, PMS symptoms, inability to lose weight or get pregnant.

When I first meet with my fertility clients, we talk a lot about how her cycle is functioning. I ask her questions about her period and the four phases of her cycle. We look at how these phases are functioning (or dysfunction) which tells me a lot about how her reproductive system is working. These are clues that tell me how fertile she is.

Optimal menstrual cycle.

A regular menstrual cycle comes every 28-35 days. The flow should be bright red and come and go in a tapered fashion. The first one to two days are the heaviest (6-8 teaspoons of blood per day which is the equivalent of 6-8 regular tampons) and the flow tapers off gently over the next two to three days with minimal clotting, slight breast tenderness and minimal cramping.

Efficient ovulation

This occurs between day 14-21, with cycle day one being the first day of your menstrual flow. This means that day one of your cycle is the first day you bleed, so counting from there ovulation should occur between cycle day 14-21. Ovulation should come at mid-point of your cycle. So if your cycle is 30 days then it should come on day 15.

Cervical mucus

This should come with ovulation and be a clear, egg white consistency.

If you are tracking your BBT

this temperature should rise at least 0.4 of a degree.

Luteal phase

This phase should be 12-14 days and start right after ovulation and will last until the next menstrual phase begins. It should be free from any major symptoms such as cramping, bloating, fatigue, acne, etc.

Repeat after me- I have the power to change MY health and improve MY fertility

So what do you do if you are experiencing painful periods, terrible PMS, aren’t ovulating, don’t have cervical mucus, have a short luteal phase or are experiencing any symptoms that your cycle is off, your hormones are unbalanced or you can’t get pregnant?

The Hormone P.U.Z.Z.L.E method.

This is the method that I used to get myself pregnant naturally after years of failed attempts and an “unexplained infertility” diagnosis and it’s what I use with clients around the world to help them get pregnant naturally or eliminate their symptoms of hormone imbalance.

P- Proper, whole food nutrition

Eat the magic plate. Eat the rainbow, Lots of antioxidants, fiber and lean protein. Check out the blog I wrote on the perfect fertility diet or my cycle optimizing meal plans.

U- Understanding supplements

There are many supplements on the market that are meant to help you boost your fertility naturally or eliminate your symptoms of hormone imbalance but you have to be careful because if you take a supplement and it’s not what your body needs, you can actually do more harm than good. Check with your doctor or coach before beginning any supplement regimen and make sure the ones you are taking are what you need. 

Z- Zapping stress

Stress is the seconding leading cause of fertility related issues. Your body will always take from other systems to make stress hormones. Especially cortisol and adrenaline and will stop all baby making hormones. Doing things to actively manage and eliminate stress will be key when trying to conceive and have a healthy cycle.

Zzzzzz’s (sleep)

During sleep your body is renewing, repairing, recovering, detoxing and more. Getting adequate sleep is essential when trying to balance hormones and create an optimal environment for a healthy baby.

Love and Encouragement

The mental part of fertility is just as important as the physical part. Being in a loving and caring relationship with a spouse or partner and having a strong support system for encouragement and to hold your hand thought this difficult time is so very important and can actually make all the difference in whether of not your treatments will work or if you are able to be successful on the road to baby.


Making sure you are exercising based on where you are in your cycle will either work for or against your hormones and allow your body to flow nicely with itself. That means saving the high-intensity workouts for your follicular and ovulatory phases and switching to slow, gentle movements during your luteal and during your period. This will allow you to work with your body instead of a push against it with will help to keep your hormones balanced and won’t jeopardize fertility.


Your environment is also extremely important when it comes to fertility and hormone health. Steering clear of pesticides, herbicides, BPA and other chemicals will help to protect your endocrine system and keep your hormones humming smoothly.

As you can see the health of your cycle and your hormones play a vital role into whether or not you can get pregnant, stay pregnant and how many symptoms you experience through hormones each month. Having a healthy cycle and being as fertile as possible will increase your chances of getting and staying pregnant but will also boost your overall health and vitality.

The power is in your hands, you can do this mama, I got you!

If you need help implementing any of these steps or if you want to see how your individual situation could be improved through booking an appointment with one of our coaches. Use this link to book a call. www.calendly.com/kelahealthcoach. Through an in-depth questionnaire we will learn all the pieces to your individual situation and will show you how our programs can help you.

Love and Health,

Coach Kela

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