Mother’s Day When You’re Struggling with Infertility (1)

How to Cope With Mother’s Day When You’re Struggling with Infertility?

Infertility hurts everyday, but on Mother’s Day it hurts much more.

Most people do not know how tough Mother’s Day can be for women waiting to be a mom. But I do. I see you. I understand your heartbreak because I’ve been there before. 

For those who are waiting to have a child, Mother’s Day brings a particular kind of pain as it serves as a reminder of the motherhood dream we are struggling to achieve.

So if you feel that Mother’s Day is especially hard, this post is for you. Let me share some great coping tips that have been very helpful for me during this time of year. 

Mother’s Day When You’re Struggling with Infertility

Coping Strategies for Mother’s Day

  1. Know that you are not alone. There are other women who are hurting too. And it’s not just those who are struggling with infertility. People who have lost their mothers or can’t be with them will also be feeling sad.
  2. Acknowledge your feelings. Acknowledge that this hurts and you don’t have to pretend that it doesn’t. Seek support and reach out to someone who gets you because you don’t have to do this alone. You can talk to your partner or your support network. Others find support through reading articles and online communities. 
  3. Learn to prioritize your own well-being. Be prepared and plan how you want to spend the day. If family get-togethers are triggering, remember that you can say no.
  4. Take a social media break if you feel the need to.  You can stay off of social media at least for the day of and the day after, even the whole week if that feels right for you. So you can avoid the Mother’s Day posts. 
  5. Celebrate yourself. What I’m saying is this: the rollercoaster of infertility is exhausting. Now is the time for you to take extra good care of yourself. Do things that usually bring joy for you. Make plans to do something like a massage, a workout, or even being with supportive friends who get what you feel, or a special date with your partner. Make sure to prioritize your needs and make plans for this day ahead of time. Having something for you to look forward to can be a great distraction and can help you to feel better.   

Mother’s Day is just one day. Even if this can stir up so many emotions in you. Know that you can cope and you can do your best to take it one moment at a time.   

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