How Cutting Toxins Can Improve Your Chances of Getting Pregnant!

How Cutting Toxins Can Improve Your Chances of Getting Pregnant!

Hey girlfriend! I have a scary statistic for you… our generation is exposed to more toxins in 1 month than our grandparents were exposed to in their entire lives. Scary huh!
There are toxins all around us. From the air we breathe, to the water we drink, to the food we eat and the products we use. It’s no wonder that so many of us are suffering with infertility, autoimmune, hormone issues and overall fatigue and illness.

I talk to women on a daily basis about how they can start to eliminate these toxins from their environment which will balance their hormones and boost their fertility. It is even part of my Hormone Puzzle Protocol. PUZZLE- Proper nutrition, Understanding Supplements, Zapping Stress, Zzzz’s, Love and Encouragement, Eliminating Toxins and Exercise.

By eliminating these toxins from your environment, you start to create the optimal environment to get pregnant and look and feel your best.

Why is this so important you ask, well think about it. If your body is filled with heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, etc. it is a toxic environment and unable to create or sustain life. Your body will literally block you from being about to conceive until you detox and it feels it is safe and can procreate.

How do you start to detox and create this optimal state for conception…

Here are my 5 tips for doing so. At first this might seem overwhelming however if you take it one step at a time, one tip at a time change 1 think every day in your life that will allow you to move toward your goal of becoming pregnant and living a toxic free life. If you do this, you will see results. You got this! You can do it! You will get pregnant!

5 steps for living a toxic free life

1. Start with a detox.

In my practice I start all my clients with a fertility detox. It is in my book- The Hormone Puzzle Method- Solving Infertility, my online course and the first step in my 1-1 coaching program. During this fertility detox, we eliminate any food that causes inflammation, we put in whole food nutrition and we figure out which foods cause sensitivities or that you are allergic to. My clients experience AMAZING results from this step alone. From weight loss, energy gain, clear skin, shiny hair, digestive relief and the beginning stages of creating the optimal state and environment for conception.

2. Add more water.

Making sure you are drinking enough water is VITAL to eliminating toxins. This flushes out toxins, hydrates and lubricates all your cells, and allows every organ and system in your body to function properly. In my book I give amazing tips and tricks on how to make sure you are drinking the proper amount of water, how to jazz up your water and how to get the biggest benefits from this simple step alone.

A great formula to remember is .67 x your body weight. That is how much water you should strive for daily.

3. Buy all organic.

Clients ask me ALL the time if they have to buy all organic and the answer is yes. If is extremely important to buy organic foods especially vegetables and fruits because so much of our produce supply is heavily treated with pesticides, herbicides and toxic chemicals that when they enter our bodies they wreak havoc. They mess with our endocrine system, our hormones and prevent us from becoming pregnant or living free from disease and illness. It’s not just about washing your produce either since the toxins are in the soil and therefore grown in the foods. You can’t wash it off. If your budget doesn’t allow for all organic then at least buy the dirty dozen list organic. You can find a copy of that list by googling dirty dozen.

4. Swap out toxic cleaners for safe products.

Eliminating toxins is not just about what you eat and drink but about your environment as well. Look at your cleaning products, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, anything you use on a daily basis. If you aren’t using a natural product then the ingredients are probably toxic. This can seem very overwhelming at first. How will you EVER switch out everything? Start small. As you run out of things replace them with more natural products or make your own. I love making window cleaner, deodorant, soaps, laundry detergent and more. I can make it safer and more affective than store bought varieties. I go into more detail about this in my course. You can also visit to see if your products are toxic and find compatible replacements.

5. How clean is your make-up and beauty products.

So much focus is put on what we eat for optimal health and fertility but what about what we put on our bodies. Our skin is our second largest organ aside from our brains and what we put on it gets absorbed into our blood stream and can affect all of our systems and the functioning of those systems. Choosing clean beauty products and reading labels is imperative to optimal health and fertility. Again start small and as you run out of things replace them with cleaner options or make your own. Again visit the environmental working groups website for easy product swaps.

I know all of this can feel extremely overwhelming and impossible however it is SO important to start to eliminate and release toxins from your body and environment if you want to create optimal health and fertility and look and feel your best.

If you need help surrounding these suggestions I encourage you to visit my website and learn more about how working with me as your coach can be the difference between getting pregnant or not. I have helped thousands of women just like you realize this dream and I can’t wait to help you as well. Visit to learn more or book a call with me and let’s talk,

Love and Health,

Coach Kela

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