Fertility- Not Just a Women’s Problem. What Foods Are Right for Your Mate

Fertility- Not Just a Women’s Problem. What Foods Are Right for Your Mate

Hey girl! I am so proud of you, you have been putting in so much work to fight your infertility naturally and to get pregnant. You have changed your diet, been adamantly consistent with your supplements, zapped your stress, gotten your zzzzzz’s, been open to love and encouragement and exercised regularly.

You have done all the right things and you are so frustrated that you are still not pregnant. It has been weeks, months and maybe even years and still nothing. You have hoped, prayed, wished and are all but ready to give up.

I feel you, I was you and I am here to tell you that this can be done. That you will get pregnant and it will happen soon. I am living proof.

However I am also here to tell you, all of these pieces that you are doing consistently is amazing and wonderful but they may be only half of the puzzle.

What is the other half you ask…

Fertility foods for your mate
How your husband or partner is nourishing himself plays a vital role in his ability to get you pregnant. His diet and lifestyle not only affects how he looks and feels but his ability to procreate.

It takes 100 days for your body to create and mature sperm. A healthy diet and lifestyle can increase sperm production, increase the percentage of healthy sperm and improve sperm movement.

Nutrition has a direct impact on sperm potency and motility. Research shows that poor eating habits and regular consumption of alcohol can lower the quality and quantity of sperm, making conception more difficult. And since infertility is nearly as much a man’s issue as a woman’s.

Up to 40% of fertility problems can be traced to men.

Eating healthy from the beginning will increase your chances of conceiving a healthy child.

The following foods are the top superfoods I would suggest if you are trying to conceive-

  1. Organic green, leafy vegetables, such as spinach, romaine lettuce, Brussels sprouts, and asparagus for increasing folate.
  2. Organic Red meat and poultry for increasing zinc.
  3. Deep water, wild caught fish and seafood for increasing vitamin B-12 and coenzyme Q10 especially herring and trout.
  4. Organic citrus fruits and juices for increasing vitamin C.
  5. Egg yolk, cheese and mushrooms for increasing vitamin D as well as getting 20 minutes a day of unprotected sunlight (this will help your body make the hormone vitamin D).
  6. Organic nuts and seeds such as almonds, walnuts, pecans, flax and chia for increasing vitamin E.
  7. Grains such as oat bran and rice for increasing D-aspartic acid which is a which is an amino acid that helps with sperm concentration and mobility.
  8. Fenugreek seeds for increasing testosterone levels which is linked to sperm production.
  9. Limit alcohol, caffeine, tobacco and marijuana.
  10. Avoid soy and soy based products as well as processed foods and fast food.

Regardless of whether it is the woman or the man’s issue or both that is causing you not to become pregnant, it is SO important that you both work together for this common goal.

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Love and Health,

Coach Kela

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