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Enjoying Pregnancy After Miscarriage

Written by Guest Blogger: Allison Schaaf, MS, a Registered Dietitian and founder of Miscarriage Hope Desk.

Pregnancy loss is devastatingly hard. But getting pregnant again after a miscarriage or loss should be fun, right? Unfortunately, it’s more complicated than that.  A pregnancy after loss can be filled with anxiety and fear, leaving feelings like joy, happiness and excitement, feelings that often accompany a pregnancy, just out of reach.  Having been through multiple miscarriages myself, I have experienced many pregnancies after loss.  

Here are my 5 top tools for enjoying a pregnancy after loss.

1. Share the news! 

I don’t believe in waiting until after the first trimester to share about a pregnancy.  I find it best to share the news of a pregnancy with a few select friends or family members. Choose those that you would feel comfortable sharing a loss with, as well.  Let them know you are excited and want them to be excited for you, too!  

2. Have a mantra

Repeating something as simple as “Today I am pregnant,” can take you out of the past and pull you away from the future, bringing you to the present moment. It helps to relieve any worries or anxiety by focusing on right now.  It might be helpful to repeat this phrase out loud or put it in writing where you will see it often.  Feel free to brainstorm an alternative affirmation or mantra that feels best and most true for you!

3. Journal

It’s important to get your feelings out and putting pen to 

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paper is a great way to do this! This allows you to write out anything that’s bothering you. And don’t forget to also allow yourself to write out what you are excited about, too! 

4. Predict Your Hard Moments

Look ahead and see if there are any dates, appointments, parties, milestones or anything else that might be particularly difficult for you.  Make a plan for how to handle the situation.  

5. Smile

Smiling is a great way to trick your body into a feeling of joy and excitement.  Allow yourself to smile and to then feel any of the positive feelings and emotions that may follow. 

Above all, remember that you are not alone in your struggles.  Miscarriage and loss are difficult.  You still deserve to have a pregnancy filled with hope, joy & excitement, even alongside any feelings of fear you may be feeling.  You’ve got this! 

Guest blogger,

Allison Schaaf, Founder of Miscarriage Hope Desk

Allison Schaaf - Founder of Miscarriage Hope Desk

Allison Schaaf, MS, RD is the founder of Miscarriage Hope Desk, created as the resource she wanted during her years-long struggle with infertility, including a total of 6 miscarriages. Miscarriage Hope Desk provides evidence-based research articles, stories of hope and community for those struggling with recurrent loss.

Allison has a background as a chef and dietitian and is also a serial entrepreneur. She founded the meal-planning website, Prep Dish which helps busy moms get healthy, delicious meals on the table!

If you are interested in learning more about enjoying a pregnancy after loss, check out the Pregnancy After Loss program, here

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