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Breathing: Why You’ve Been Doing It Wrong and How It’s Impacting Your Health

Written by Guest Blogger: Jen Broyles, a Holistic Health & Transformation Coach and Breathwork Guide.

Stop right now where you are. Notice how you’re breathing. Are you breathing  through your nose or mouth? Have you ever thought about this? Most of us  haven’t. Why does it even matter? In fact, many people would tell you it doesn’t  matter. But it DOES matter; much more than you may even realize. 

Your breath is one of the most important aspects to your health. How you breathe  determines your overall health and wellness. You can breathe to promote health, or  you can breathe to promote illness. And many of us are doing the latter. One of the  most important aspects to proper breathing, is breathing through your nose. 

Once you start to form the habit of nostril breathing, which I discuss in the video  below, you can dramatically improve our health in a variety of ways. In this video I  share why nostril breathing matters and how it impacts your overall health and well  being. 

The first thing I would encourage you to do is tune into your breath periodically  throughout the day. Bring awareness to your breath when you’re busy doing  something, and notice how you’ve been breathing. You may find that you’ve been  breathing through your mouth, or that you’re breathing really shallow and really  fast, or you’re not breathing at all.

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Another time to really tune into your breath is when you’re sleeping. Many people breathe through their mouth when they’re sleeping, and that can develop into a  wide range of disorders. I know it may seem difficult to be aware of your breath  when you’re asleep. But a few signs that you’re mouth breathing at night are: 

  1. Waking up with a dry mouth 
  2. Snoring 
  3. Sleep Apnea 
  4. Having to pee during the night 

I’ve also found that when I am intentionally aware of my breathing at night I will  sometimes notice how I was breathing right before I fully wake up. And there have  been many times when I was mouth breathing. More on how to fix that later. 

So let’s talk about the benefits of nostril breathing and why this needs to be a  priority in your health and wellness routine and something to really focus on.  

When you breathe through your nose, it offers many benefits. Our nostrils are  smaller than our mouth. So when we breathe in and out through our nostrils, the  rate of airflow to our lungs is reduced. And this is actually a good thing because  this allows more time for oxygen to be absorbed.  

So when you’re breathing through your nose, it allows for more oxygen to be  absorbed into the bloodstream, and that will increase your energy levels.  

How many of us are just struggling to get through the day? You feel fatigued, low  on energy. Simply starting to implement regular nostril breathing can boost your  energy levels. 

Another benefit of nostril breathing is that your nose hairs serve as tiny air  filters! Breathing in through your nose filters the air, it cleans the air, it conditions  the air. So you’re breathing in higher quality air when you breathe in through your  nose.  

Finally, the next benefit, and perhaps the most important is that when you breathe  through your nose, that stimulates the production of nitric oxide.  

Studies have shown that nitric oxide has anti-pathogen properties. It helps defend  against pathogens that may enter your body like bacteria, viruses, fungi. When you  breathe in through the nose, you get that stimulation of the production of nitric  oxide. This benefits your health in so many ways. 

When you breathe into your mouth, you don’t get that, so you’re less protected.  Your immune system is less protected. 

You can produce your own nitric oxide if you just change the way you breathe. Nostril breathing and nitric oxide play fundamental roles in many functions of your  body.  

It actually plays a role in erectile dysfunction. It triggers a range of hormones in  the body, and it plays a role in regulating a warm woman’s menstrual cycle.  

It helps lower blood pressure. It supports and eases digestion. It helps regulate  heart rate and open the vessels and our toes and even stores memories. 

Some of the statistics I’ll share with you have come from an amazing book  called Breath by James Nester. There’s so much great information in this book  around the importance of nasal breathing. And it’s exactly what I studied in my  breath training to become a Master Breathwork Facilitator. 

He states, “One of the many benefits [of nose breathing] is that the sinuses release  a huge boost of nitric oxide, a molecule that plays an essential role in increasing  circulation and delivering oxygen into cells. Immune function, weight, circulation,  mood, and sexual function can all be heavily influenced by the amount of nitric  oxide in the body. (The popular erectile dysfunction drug sildenafil, known by the  commercial name Viagra, works by releasing nitric oxide into the bloodstream,  which opens the capillaries in the genitals and elsewhere.) Nasal breathing alone 

can boost nitric oxide sixfold, which is one of the reasons we can absorb about 18  percent more oxygen than by just breathing through the mouth.” 

So that is my assignment for you is to really start to focus on breathing through  your nose. That is step number one, and then we can get into slowing the breath,  breathing from the diaphragm, all of these other things that are really important but  just switching from mouth breathing to nose breathing can have a tremendous  impact on your health. 

Guest Blogger,

Jen Broyles

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Jen Broyles is a Holistic Health & Transformation Coach and Breathwork Guide who helps individuals release anxiety, stress, and limiting thought patterns, so they can activate freedom, healing, and peace in their life. She blends a variety of healing modalities including breathwork, neurosomatic techniques, mindset, nutrition, spirituality, and plant therapies to guide clients through the ultimate transformation experience.

Jen is especially passionate about facilitating breathwork journeys as breathwork has played a major role in her personal healing and transformation. Breathwork is the key to your physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual well-being. It’s the key to your creativity, your intuition, living in a flow state, living authentically, and living in pure joy.

There is something about breathwork that changes your mindset. You experience more clarity, less reaction, more response. You can deal more effectively with stress. You feel happier and more hopeful. You start to see the best in the world and others.

That’s what Jen found to be true in her life, and she loves to share this practice with others. Come experience breathwork with Jen!

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