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Align Your Fertility Journey

Written by Guest Blogger: Ashley Holmes, CEO and Founder of Holistic Fertility Coach Inc.

Understanding your mind, body and spirit is the key to your fertility journey. The answers are within you, but you may need guidance to access and tap into the soul messages your body is sending you. It is possible to discover why your symptoms are present and to get to the root cause of why you are experiencing infertility. 

We have been misled to believe that getting pregnant will miraculously happen the moment we start trying to conceive. We have been conditioned to believe what this is meant to look like and how this is meant to feel. Sadly, this is often not the case and is frequently an arduous and heartbreaking path. It’s no wonder so many women are waking up wondering how they got to this place after years of procedures, treatments and drugs with no baby to show for it yet. 

The quicker you can bring your mind, body and spirit back into balance and alignment; the possibility to conceive with ease rises. When you learn to come out of fight or flight and shift into rest and digest mode your nervous system is then out of a hypervigilant state and you finally relax. Continually resetting and relaxing the nervous system is vital for conception to occur because otherwise stress hormones are being endlessly released. 

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By using Ayurveda which is the science of life that corresponds to the natural healing of the mind and body you can nourish your unique inborn constitution. Depending on whether your primary dosha is vata, pitta or kapha will determine the optimal way to nourish your body best. Reproductive tissues are not being nourished adequately if you are struggling to conceive because you are not receiving the required nutrients from the previous tissues. It is not filtering through all of your tissues which leaves the reproductive tissues un-nourished. Nourishing yourself from the inside out; and putting time, energy and love into how you fuel your mind, body and spirit can lead to creating fertile ground within you. 

While modern medicine and intervention may assist you in conceiving it can leave you feeling drained and depleted on all levels. A holistic approach allows the body to replenish and rejuvenate your ojas and your life force energy to return to your optimal state of health. When you are supported and connected while trying to conceive you are able to process thoughts, feelings and emotions along the way; so that you can transmute them instead of them being energetically stuck in your body. Purifying and clearing your  energy channels so that you feel like your best self will help you to conceive with ease. Tuning in and listening to your body so that you can give your body and mind precisely what it needs is going to align and balance you energetically moving forward. 

It is empowering to take your fertility into your own hands along with your health, healing and happiness

Your baby is waiting for you on the side of you prioritizing your needs and trusting your body’s ability and journey to motherhood. Releasing the expectation and attachment of when it will happen and surrendering to divine timing. Flowing with life and overcoming the obstacles because you are worthy of the family you desire.

Guest blogger, 

Ashley Holmes

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Ashley Holmes is the CEO and Founder of Holistic Fertility Coach Inc., three times bestselling author, yoga + meditation guide on ViBLY, and brand ambassador for Pineapple Clothing. She helps women struggling with infertility to conceive with ease using holistic practices. She supports them by creating customized 1:1 programs to bring mind, body and spirit back into balance and alignment. Ashley empowers women to prioritize their health and well-being to truly nourish themselves from the inside out. Women are equipped with knowledge and wisdom to support them in conceiving and motherhood.

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