7 Simple Fertility Hacks

Hey girl hey! Being a fertility and hormones coach, I get so many questions daily about how to increase your chances of getting pregnant. As a coach, I know many hacks and tricks that your doctor might not be telling you. These are my top seven. Start incorporating these into your life today for boosted fertility and balanced hormones.

1: Incorporate the hormone puzzle method

step one into your lifestyle. Proper, whole food nutrition. Cut sugar and processed food. What you eat is the number one most important thing you can do for fertility. It’s about so much more than eating “healthy”. It’s about eating the right foods, at the right times, in the right combinations so you are eating for fertility and hormone balance.

What does eating for fertility mean? Eat the magic plate. This is breaking your plate into thirds, 1/3 leafy greens or vegetables (eat the rainbow), 1/3 slow burning carbs or grains (sweet potatoes, pumpkin, quinoa, buckwheat), 1/3 protein (lean meats or plants), 1-2 tbsp of a healthy fat (avocado, fatty fish, nuts, and seeds). Eating based on this philosophy will give your body everything it needs to make all your sex hormones and create a healthy baby.

2: Start cycle optimizing

This is a functional medicine concept where a woman partners her food, fitness, social and work life with the phases of her monthly cycle so she can make the hormones she needs for baby making or she can detox the hormones after her cycle completes in preparation for her next cycle. Incorporating this into your lifestyle will give your body everything it needs for hormone balance and boosted fertility and will promote homeostasis (balance) in your body.

Here are a few food guidelines when it comes to cycle optimizing-

  • Menstruation phase- warm soups and stews along with sea vegetables
  • Follicular- Light and fresh fare, salads and raw juices along with pre-probiotics for the gut.
  • Ovulatory- Antioxidants and fiber
  • Luteal- Detox foods

3: Use Mucinex

which thins vaginal secretions making it easier for sperm to swim and meet the egg. Right before you ovulate your body creates a thick mucus and some women it’s so thick that the sperm can’t reach the egg because of this. Taking Mucinex (Guaifenesin) will thin this allowing your mates little swimmers to reach their target easier. Make sure you choose pure Mucinex with no additives. Take it 5 days before you expect to ovulate (600mg/2 times per day) up to 2 days after.

4: Add vitamin C to your diet

through food or supplements. Studies have shown that vitamin C will help your body absorb iron, a vital nutrient when TTC. It has also been shown to boost your immune system another important factor in boosting overall health, naturally. Take 500 mg/ 2 times per day or eat a variety of citrus fruits, orange, lemon, grapefruit, and pineapple.

5: Add Myo-inositol to your smoothies.

his is a wonderful supplement for anyone who has ovulatory issues or who has PCOS since it improves insulin sensitivity. This will also help manage your blood sugar roller coaster and keep your blood sugar steady and humming all day. You can find Myo-inositol at my practitioner dispensary here.

Make sure to register for an account (it’s free) and I will recommend this supplement to you.

6: Start BBT and cervical mucus charting

The more you can chart the more data you will have for planning intercourse appropriately. This is an excellent way to determine ovulation each month and to make sure you are having a healthy, fertile cycle.

7: Have sex every other day.

starting a few days before you think you ovulate until up to a week after. The reason for every other day is to allow your partners sperm to be strong in quantity and quality for fertilization to occur. Having intercourse everyday will deplete his supply making it harder for fertilization to occur.

As you can see there are many tricks you can do to start to boost your fertility naturally. These are simple, easy and they work. A fertility journey can be stressful no matter what phase you are in. Pick one or two of these to start implementing into your daily life. Remember this is a journey, not a sprint. Take your time and implement slow. The more changes you need to do, to get to your end goal the slower you need to go. I promise you will see results if you are patient and consistent.

Love and health,

Coach Kela

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