7 Reasons Why Fertility Diet Is Important When Trying to Conceive

Did you know that  having a good fertility diet is the SINGLE most important thing you can do when trying to conceive?
What you put into your body  not only helps in making you look and feel better but it also send signals to your body that it is time for you to conceive.

On the other hand, when you don’t give your body what the nutrient it needs you are causing it to go into a fight or flight  mode. It also triggers your body to shut down all systems especially the baby making ones.

If you want to conceive, you have to make sure that your body is in the optimal state for getting pregnant at ALL times so when you do get pregnant your baby has all the vitamins and nutrients that it needs to grow and thrive .


7 reasons why fertility diet is important when trying to conceive

1. You are what you eat.

And that saying is SO true. Intentional eating is very important during pre-conception and pregnancy because your body needs as many vitamins and minerals that it can get to make sure it can create and sustain the new life inside you. 

If  your body don’t get the vital nutrients then your body  won’t have the building blocks it needs to create. It is like trying to build a house with no bricks or wood. It wouldn’t work at all no matter how hard you try. And that is exactly what you are trying to do when you try to conceive without a proper nutrition.


2. What you eat affects your hormones.

Depending on what you eat, your hormones may be positively or negatively affected. And why do you need to care for your hormones? It is because hormones are messengers that tell the body what to do. They can tell your body that you are ready to have a baby or not to create life inside you. Depending on how well you fuel them will determine which way they will decide to go.

3. Fat fuels the brain.

Yes you heard me right. Not only your brain but also the brain of your developing fetus inside you. Without proper fat nutrition that you get in your fertility diet your body doesn’t have one of the basic piece it needs for constructing your baby. Some examples of healthy fats are avocado, nuts, seeds and also cold- water fish.

4. Sugar is actually the number 1 reason for infertility in America.

When you are eating a diet that is high in sugar or processed foods, you are creating a toxic environment inside your body, And that is sending signals to your brain that it isn’t safe to create a life and therefore all your systems to create a baby will shut down.

5. Omega 3’s and 6’s are essential.

Make sure that you are eating your omega 3’s and 6’s in the form of deep cold water fish. You can use the acronym SMASH- Salmon, Mackerel, Anchovy, Sardines, and Herring to help you remember which fish is safest when you are trying to conceive.

6. Eat organic foods.

Always make sure that you are eating organic foods when you are trying to conceive. Eating non-organic puts your body and the body of your developing child in danger because you are both getting exposed to all sorts of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and toxins. These toxins will reek havoc on your fertility and your health in general. So you have to stay away from them,  And eating organic is your best bet because even if you wash your non organic fruits and veggies these chemicals are in the soil so therefore grown into the inside of the food and cant be washed off.

7. Eating a healthy diet while trying to conceive is going to make you not only look better but also feel better so you will be more attractive and in the mood to create that healthy baby with your spouse or partner.

Remember that eating whole food nutrition, drinking lots of water daily, eliminating stress, getting a good quality of sleep, and eliminating your exposure to harmful toxins are the key puzzle pieces that you need today to start to put your body into the optimal state for conception and become pregnant naturally.

Love and health,

Coach Kela

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