30 Effective Ways To Detox From Toxic Mold

30 Effective Ways To Detox From Toxic Mold

As you know I’m crazy for toxic mold detox techniques. That’s because they really work! DO NOT think that diet and supplements are going to get the job done for you.

You also need to work on moving your lymph and blood in your body to mobilize the toxins. Also, calming your nervous system to get it into a healing state.

These techniques won’t work for people dealing with chronic pain or stress and even toxic burdens besides mold, like Lyme or dental infections.

30 Effective Ways To Detox From Toxic Mold

Written by Guest Blogger: Bridgit Danner, licensed acupuncturist since 2004 and a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner since 2015. 

As you learn more and more techniques and feel the benefits, they will become a part of your lifestyle.

You certainly don’t have to do everything, but as you get more efficient you will find yourself easily ‘fitting in’ more and more, and be able to rotate the techniques based on your needs.

Here are 30 Effective Ways To Detox From Toxic Mold.

  1. Acupuncture–for pain, anxiety, insomnia, IBS
  2. Audiobooks & other educational materials–for anxiety, depression, overwhelm
  3. Castor oil packs–for constipation, mood issues, liver issues, glutathione recycling
  4. Chelation therapy–for heavy metal removal
  5. Chiropractic medicine–for pain, headaches
  6. Coffee Enema– for low energy, soreness
  7. Compression Therapy–for heavy feeling, swelling
  8. Cryotherapy–for fatigue, immune depletion, pain
  9. Cupping–for pain
  10. Dry brushing–for fatigue, edema, heavy feeling
  11. Epsom salt bath–for pain, stress, insomnia, detox side effects
  12. Exercise–for low energy, depression
  13. Essential oils–for stress, lymph congestion, indigestion, depression, fatigue
  14. Green drink–for low energy
  15. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy–for brain fog, anxiety, chronic infections
  16. Holistic dental care–for overall toxic burden
  17. Intermittent Fasting–for weight gain, brain fog, sugar cravings, low energy, poor sleep
  18. IV therapy–for low energy, immune depletion, detox side effects
  19. Lymphatic massage–for heavy feeling, detox not showing results, edema
  20. Mouth taping–for poor sleep, snoring, sore throat in the morning, immune depletion
  21. Massage–for pain, stress, detox support
  22. Meditation–for overwhelm, brain fog
  23. Nasal rinse–for immune depletion/frequent infections, prevention for travel, nighttime, mold exposure
  24. Nature immersion–for depression, low energy, detox on giving results, very ill, overwhelm
  25. Oil pulling– for decreasing overall toxic load
  26. Ozone–for chronic infections
  27. Rebounder–for low energy, heavy feeling, fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, edema
  28. Red light therapy–for depression, pain, scar tissue, anti-aging
  29. Sauna–for fatigue, weight gain, depression, stress, insomnia, low immunity, detox support
  30. Vinegar bath–for low energy, EMF burden, overall toxic load

Guest Blogger,

Bridgit Danner

Bridgit Danner has been a licensed acupuncturist since 2004 and a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner since 2015. After losing everything to toxic mold, Bridgit now educates about toxins and how to detoxify through a functional approach. You can find her at bridgitdanner.com and on Instagram at bridgit.danner

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