Misconceptions Around Safe Foods to Eat During Pregnancy with Podcast Guest Expert Katie Salmon (1)

#256: Misconceptions Around Safe Foods to Eat During Pregnancy with Katie Salmon

Featuring Guest Expert: Katie Salmon – a Prenatal Registered Dietitian and founder of The Pregnancy RD.

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Episode Summary:

What if some of the foods you’ve been told to avoid during pregnancy aren’t as risky as you thought?

In this podcast episode, Katie Salmon, a pregnancy expert and registered dietitian, discusses common misconceptions surrounding safe foods to eat during pregnancy, challenging conventional wisdom and offering valuable insights to ensure a healthy and enjoyable journey to motherhood.

Katie Salmon

Katie is a prenatal Registered Dietitian and absolutely loves providing pregnant people the confidence to fuel their body, nourish baby, while also managing common pregnancy symptoms.

Katie take a food-fist non-diet approach in her virtual 1-on-1 practice. Driven by a mission to covert the complicated science into easy to prep meals, Katie is best known for inspiring her clients to create well balanced (and never boring) pregnancy-friendly meals that are easy to maintain with a busy lifestyle.

Notable Quotes in the Episode:

"I saw a huge gap in maternal health. There was great emphasis on baby's health and nutrition, rightfully so, but not enough on mom."

"When it really comes down to food safety, it's about how that food was stored and prepared."

"So, pregnancy shouldn't just be like, oh, I need to eat a certain way. It's also nourishing your soul and being able to be present in those moments when you get those first fluttering kicks."

"There is a direct link to how mom eats during pregnancy and the risk for chronic disease later in life for both mom and baby."

Episode Discussion:

Tune in to Katie Salmon’s interview where she talks about the common misunderstandings surrounding these food items:

  • Deli Meat and Cheese
  • Raw Fish and Sushi
  • Liver in Your Diet
  • Soft Cheeses
  • Fermented Foods
  • Fish and Mercury Levels

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