Hormone Puzzle Method equals Pregnant

Hormone Puzzle Method = Pregnant

Client testimonial- I’ve had a very rough road with pregnancy and conception over the last four years and we now have two sweet boys in heaven. When we decided to start trying again I thought it would be easy since I know my body pretty well now, but for some reason I wasn’t showing signs of ovulation. I came across your Hormone Puzzle Method and started implementing these easy to follow steps. The next month I was pregnant! I couldn’t believe how easy it was to incorporate these steps into my daily routine, thank you coach Kela.
Client: Katie
37 years old, TTC 4 years

Getting emails like this one is why I started my practice. I struggled with infertility like so many women I know and I couldn’t bare the thought of one more women struggling without the support and hand holding of a loving coach. That is why I created

The Hormone PUZZLE Method.

The more I saw clients, the more I realized our hormones are a huge puzzle and if one piece is out of balance then our bodies won’t work properly and it makes it harder for them to do the things that they were designed to do, like get pregnant or be free of disease.

If you have been trying to get pregnant for more than 6 months and haven’t been successful then a piece of your hormone puzzle is probably out of balance.

If you are like me and the thousands of other women who have struggled with getting pregnant, you want something that will work, that is easy and that you can do in your own life.

Follow these 6 steps to put your body into the optimal state for conception and become one step closer to having the family you so desire.

P- Proper nutrition

Eating for fertility is the number one thing you can do to make sure your hormones are optimized and your body is working the way it should and in unison. Proper nutrition doesn’t mean just eating “healthy” because what does that even mean? Eating kale and broccoli all day, everyday? No proper nutrition means eating intentionally for pregnancy. Taking healthy eating one step further.

Some of my main suggestions for fertility boosting foods are –
  1. Fat – Avocado, Salmon, Walnuts, and Almonds
  2. Fiber – Chia seeds, Hemp Seeds, Chick Peas, Black Beans
  3. Protein – Organic chicken, organic eggs, Adzuki beans, Mackerel Fish
  4. Fermented foods – Pickles, Sauerkraut, Kombucha, Miso
eating-healthy Hormone Puzzle Method equals Pregnant

U- Understanding supplements

I always start with whole food first but sometime there are holes in the diet and lifestyle that need to be addressed with supplements and understanding where you have holes. Once we know what vitamins you are missing then we can figure out which supplements are right for you. We usually can do this by looking at the symptoms you are having. Some of my favorite supplements for fertility are –

  1. Royal Jelly
  2. Pre and probiotic
  3. Fish Oil
  4. CoQ10
  5. Inositol powder
  6. Maca root powder

Z- Zapping Stress

Stress is probably one of the most detrimental things to fertility besides poor nutrition. When the body is under stress whether it is perceived (your boss is yelling at you) or actual (you are being chased by a lion), it’s all stress to the body. When we are stressed our bodies go into fight or flight just to survive. When the body is in this state, the cortisol goes up and all other systems shut down. This means that the hormones needed to make a baby are not present so conception will not occur.

So how do you zap your stress in this overstressed world. You make a conscience decision to manage stress the best you can. Here are a few tips that I use with my clients to help them do just that.

  1. Look at your schedule. Is there anything that doesn’t serve you. Try to eliminate it (just until you get pregnant and have a healthy baby).
  2. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time and try to eat your meals around the same time every day. Your body flows in a natural rhythm and when that rhythm is off it puts stress in and on your body.
  3. Focus on self-care. What is one thing you can do for yourself today. Do it. I don’t mean do the laundry or taking care of your house. I mean what is one thing you can do today that is 100% for YOU.

Z- Zzzzzz’s

Sleep! Making sure you are getting adequate sleep is just as important as what you eat and your lifestyle. During sleep the body is recovering, repairing and rebuilding. You must give your body the sleep it needs so it is able to do all these things and function properly. Without proper sleep your body goes into survival mode and will not produce the hormones necessary to create a healthy baby.

A few tips for amazing sleep
  1. Make sure your bedroom is dark and cool
  2. Remove all electronics
  3. Practice a power down hour before bed to unwind and get your mind ready for sleep
  4. Stop eating an hour before bed to give your food time to digest before you lay down.
Woman-sleeping-Hormone Puzzle Method equals Pregnant

L- Love and Encouragement

Getting pregnant is about more than the physical things you will be doing. Our bodies thrive on love and positive reinforcement. Many times when a client comes to me, they know what to do but they aren’t doing it because they are so frustrated with the entire situation that they are frozen and aren’t moving forward towards their goal of getting pregnant. When they work with me as their coach. they are getting love, encouragement, hand holding, support and more. Someone to navigate these tough times with them and let them know that it will be ok and they will have the baby they so desire.

E- Exercise

Exercise is so important when ttc as it helps with weight management, controlling stress and just makes us feel amazing however the wrong exercise when trying to conceive can be detrimental to your results. Some forms of exercise are seen as stress to the body. Going back to what we learned earlier, stress is the opposite of what we want when trying to conceive. So what type of exercise is best? Here are my top suggestions- You want to do gentle, restorative movements such as,

  1. Yoga,
  2. Stretching
  3. Tai Chi
  4. Deep breathing
  5. Beginner meditation
yoga Hormone Puzzle

As you can see the Hormone Puzzle puts all the necessary pieces back together so your body is working in unison the way God intended it to. When your body is working correctly it is able to do these things we want it to do, such as make a healthy baby. Take these pieces and implement them into your daily life in a way that is fun and easy.

If you feel stuck or just need some help putting all these pieces together and you want to learn in more detail how each piece works and how it will work for you in creating the healthy baby you so desire, Grab a copy of my book, The Hormone Puzzle- Solving infertility. This book has changed so many women’s’ lives and I can’t wait for it to change yours too.

To get your own copy (before it launches). Visit www.hormonepuzzle.com/hpbook to order your very own copy today!

Coach Kela Smith’s unique approach to fertility should be the new golden standard. Her ability to integrate all areas of her clients health and well being into her program is what sets her apart. Unlike other fertility programs Kela’s works by addressing more than just the physical symptoms that occur with infertility. As a doctor of natural medicine, it is my job to find safe all natural alternatives for my clients health care needs, and with Kela’s program I know any of my clients that I refer are receiving a more comprehensive approach then they would with any other fertility program. Coach Kela is a fantastic expert that is dedicated to helping you achieve your dream of becoming the amazing parent you deserve to be. To anyone who feels like they cannot get pregnant I urge you to give Coach Kela’s all natural approach a try. You have nothing to lose, and a whole new life full of family memories and experiences waiting for you!
Dr. Dixie Short
(aka Dr. Dee), PhD, DNM

Love and Health,

Coach Kela

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