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Can Stress Keep You From Getting Pregnant?

The Hormone P.U.Z.Z.L.E Society is committed to make sure that the most current information about fertility is available at your fingertips. Because stress can impact your fertility, and April is Stress Awareness Month, we’re bringing you an update on this important subject.

How Stress Can Make It Harder For You To Get Pregnant?

When you feel anxious, your nervous system releases stress hormones and triggers the fight or flight response from your body. When that happens, it signals your body system to shut down including the necessary systems to make a baby. This is why you may have experienced a late or irregular period when you are dealing with an extremely stressful situation.

In addition to that, stress can lead to poor lifestyle choices that can affect your fertility. When you are stressed out, you may sleep too much or sleep too little or give into emotional eating and tend to eat less healthy. Which can lead to weight gain and obesity which are also linked to fertility problems.

Stress is something you can take action on! You CAN do something about the level of stress that you feel. We can avoid giving additional stresses on our bodies by following some good habits in the way we eat, exercise and finding time to slow down and relax.

How can you lower your stress levels? You have to start taking care of you!

Below are some stress-reducing techniques when trying to conceive.

1. Allow yourself to be sad because you have not yet conceived.

Here’s a reminder. It’s okay to not feel okay. When you face and accept what you feel it can help you let go of some of your pain and stress about your inability to conceive. And releasing your emotions can help keep your hormones in balance which in turn can possibly increase your chances of getting pregnant.

2. Get informed.

Understanding the causes of your infertility and the available options can help you to make better decisions for yourself whether it be trying to get pregnant naturally or ART.

3. Don’t let your infertility take over your life.

Continue to do things that you enjoy that are fun and relaxing.

4. Practice yoga and meditation.

Relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation can help your body relieve tension and reduce the production of stress hormones in your body. Thus, increasing your chances of getting pregnant.

5. Find and get a fertility buddy.

It is great to have someone on the journey with you. It can be a friend, family member or neighbor that will support you in your journey.

All of these tips to help your body to be less stressed and help you get on the right track for conception.
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